Other ways to excite your partner

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This may come a somewhat of a shock to many people who have heard of the legendary Spanish Fly, but the crushed up powder that they are using to get the ladies in the mood is not even vaguely part of a fly – it’s actually the body of a beetle.

The beetle is call a blister beetle – and for very good reason. Contact with the beetle’s carapace (the exterior) can cause swelling or even blisters to form on the skin. Not a pleasant experience.

However – since the Middle Ages the blister beetle has been used for it’s supposed aphrodisiac properties. Taken in tea or simply swallowed it does have an effect on erectile function. Yup – it gets you hard.

The downside is as follows: abdominal pain, renal failure, bloody urine, convulsions, coma, respiratory and heart problems, and eventual shuffling off this mortal coil – death.

Seriously – this is not a beetle that you want to mess around with. It’s called a blister beetle because predators want nothing to do with it.

There are so many other ways to excite your partner including a good meal and a bunch of flowers – hopefully with no insect ingredients.

Blister Beetles have no enemies for a reason – they’re toxic. And by the way the product that you’re buying probably doesn’t have nay of the active ingredient that you’re looking for. Most are just telling you that they do – the beetles are expensive to harvest.

And for those who want to get the lady in the mood – it doesn’t work on women. So question is, would you still want to buy Spanish Fly?

Rather pay the same for a great restaurant meal and brush up on your conversational skills – you’ll be a better date and everyone will be happier for the experience.

Look Great With Elephant Therapy and Skin Care


Elephant therapy and skin care is an interesting way of getting your skin to look vibrant, smooth and blemish free. Elephant assisted therapy is something that was popularized in China, but it is now done in many other parts of the world as well.

If you are looking for a way to stay young and to keep your skin protected, then this is an interesting option. Myogenic elephant skin cream has been found to have regenerativ properties so powerful that it can even help with wounds and things like bedsores – it may not seem like the most glamorous of treatments, certainly not when compared to things like shea butter or high tech creams, but it is a powerful and useful option, and one that is well worth looking at.

The cream helps to promote circulation and skin regeneration. It is not something that you will see marketed in the average high street store – after all, the slogans involving “skin like an elephant” would hardly seem appealing – but the fact is that it really can be a valuable treatment.

Once you have your skin looking the way that you want it to, though, you will need to use sunscreen to protect it when you’re outside, moisturize as normal, and try to avoid chafing and rubbing issues – because that’s where things can start to go wrong and your skin can get damaged again. Remember that your skin is like armour for your organs – it’s what protects you and keeps you healthy – and you need to look after yourself if you want to keep yourself looking and feeling young and youthful for the rest of your life. You only get one body, so treasure it like it deserves and enjoy life too.