FAQs when Planning a Trip to Havasu Falls

  1. When is the perfect time to visit Havasu Falls?

The best time to visit Havasu Falls is during early spring to early summer. This means that between the months of March to June, the weather conditions as well as the water temperature are within their normal range. This makes it easier to hike along the Havasupai trail, and speeds up travel time too!

Visiting between the months of July to end of August is not recommended as this is monsoon season. The Grand Canyon is so vast that it has its own climate. Visiting during monsoon season exposes you to great danger as landslides are commonplace around this region of the South Rim.

  1. How do I get there?

If you came with a group of people, you can take one vehicle only. This is a cost-efficient means to lower down your expenses wile visiting the Grand Canyon. You may also take advantage of inexpensive shuttle bus services. Just remember to abandon your car if you wish to fully experience the ethereal beauty of Havasu Falls.

  1. How long should I stay?

As Havasupai Indian Reservation covers a large area as well, it may be best for you to extend your stay at the canyon for a few days more. In addition, the Havasupai Indian Reservation does not allow guests who plan on taking a day trip only. You may want to spend at least three nights in the Indian Reservation so you can explore not only Havasu Falls, but the other four magnificent falls including Mooney Falls, Beaver Falls, Navajo Falls, and Fifty Foot Falls. Camping onsite is affordable at $17 per person/per night.


Top Three Items that Immediately Repair Unhealthy Eating

People try hard to lead a healthy and balanced diet. However, there are times of relapse; when people simply can’t say NO to junk foods. It may be time constraints or just that craving for sweets and everything carbs, you find yourself eating rice and indulging on desserts. You don’t have to worry as there are ways to get back to your rhythm and eliminate the bad calories that you have accumulate from a day of unhealthy eating.

According to studies, foods that contain docosahexaenoic acid or DHA can reverse the damages done by fructose, carbs, and other complex sugars. Here are eight items that can help you return to perfect eating habits and Improve Your Performance:

  • Salmon

As DHA is an Omega-3 fatty acid element, consuming salmon is simply a no brainer. Other Omega-3 fatty acid sources are mackerel, tuna, and sardines to name a few. Fish contains 100 times more DHA than plant sources. DHa is proven to heal injuries caused by inflammation. It is also an important element to increase brain functioning and memory enhancement.

  • Chia + Flax Seeds

Chia and flax seeds are excellent plant-based sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. They are rich in fiber too that helps in flushing out harmful toxins that may have accumulated within organ systems.

  • Walnuts

When you’re feeling guilty about that donut binger or late-night pizza snacking you did last nigh, better grab a bowl of walnuts to let the bad vibes go away. Apart from its Omega-3 fatty acid content, walnuts also feature natural compounds that make you eat less by reducing unhealthy food cravings.


Online Car Insurance Quotes Must Be Looked At Closely

If you’re like most people, you’ve played around with online car insurance quotes at some point in time. Did anything come of it? Maybe you were testing the waters and weren’t really interested in making a switch. Perhaps you didn’t see a significant discount available to you, and you decided to stick with the company and policy you have. It could be that you didn’t know enough about insurance at the time to really look deeply into the situation. Do you now?

If not, and especially if you’re reworking your budget and expenses, maybe it’s time to see what online car insurance quotes can show you now. You could get a discount that you never knew was out there. Even more importantly, you could get the coverage you’ve been wanting. As mentioned earlier, maybe you don’t even know much about your policy and insurance in general. What all is included with your car insurance policy?

Do you have liability insurance only, or do you have full coverage auto insurance? Maybe your insurance needs are changing, and that is what has you looking at car insurance quotes yet again. Have you been uninsured for some time? If so, then you’re really going to be looking closely at which companies are able to best help you.

If you are set to start looking at insurance quotes and aren’t going to use individual company sites, make sure you know what you’re doing (doing car insurance quotes comparison would help). It’s very important that you are on a site that you can trust and that will provide you with in-depth quotes. You need the whole picture if you’re going to be making decisions about car insurance. If you’re on a site that asks for a few pieces of information, and suddenly quotes pop up that you think you can fully trust, get real. It is going to take a little doing.

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The Top Three Healthy Foods You’re Overeating

While eating healthy foods is usually to be commended, there’s no denying the possibility of eating too much of a good thing. In fact, there are a number of foods that are normally considered healthy, but when eaten in large quantities, can actually be quite negative for your health. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the top three (also check Do Coop for more information).


Fruit is generally considered an important part of your diet, containing many important vitamins and minerals needed to run a functioning and healthy body. However, fruit is also very high in natural sugars, which can have a negative impact on your glucose levels as well as damage your teeth.


Nuts are generally considered a superfood, but due to their incredibly high-calorie content, along with a high fat content, they aren’t good to eat in large quantities.

Skim dairy

While consuming skim milk or reduced fat cheese is generally considered better than full-fat alternatives, there is a growing amount of evidence to suggest that these dairy products can be surprisingly hazardous to your health over the long term.


Overall, it’s safe to say that aiming for a healthy diet is always a good idea, but avoiding these three foods in any great quantity is definitely the best choice.

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Here’s Why It Is Good To Eat Fish

Adding more fish to your diet is certainly a good idea, simply because there are so many health benefits associated with eating more fish on a regular basis. In this post, I’m going to illustrate a few of the key benefits you will experience once you start adding more fish to your daily menus, so let’s take a look.

To start with, fish has been proven to lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes, primarily due to the high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids that are contained in virtually every type of fish. Seeing as heart attacks and strokes are two of the biggest reasons for premature death, it’s safe to say that adding fish to your diet is a very good idea for this reason alone.

But in addition to this, fish also contains a variety of other important vitamins and nutrients that can help to battle age-related deterioration and diseases such as Alzheimer’s (can also be used for treatment for herpes). In fact, studies have shown that people who consume more fish tend to have better emotional regulation and memory, which just goes to show the many brain orientated benefits offered by a fish-based diet. Interestingly, it’s also believed that eating more fish can help to ease depression as well.

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Three Reasons To Get Life Insurance

If you have been wondering if getting life insurance is wise, the answer is affirmative. Here are three reasons you should get a policy right away.

1. Your family may not have enough money to bury you. With the rising cost of funerals, you want to make sure that your family will be able to cover your burial without going broke.

2. You can sometimes get a loan against your insurance if you are in a bind. Considering all of the crazy options out there, like payday loans, this is a much more reasonable way to get what you need if you are in a jam.

3. If you are the sole provider, how do you think that people will survive when you are no longer here. It takes a great deal of money to take care of things like
mortgages, education costs and cars. Getting a policy means that these will not be things your family has to worry about.

There is no reason to sit around and wonder if getting an insurance policy (like Life Shield HQ) is a wise choice. You should already be on your way to sign up for a policy as we speak.

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Take a glance at a few tips that should be kept in mind

Owning a car is half the battle when it comes to getting on the road without going broke. This is where finding the best auto insurance rates (car insurance quotes) becomes one of the biggest challenges for prospective drivers. There is nothing worse than having the car in hand, but not being able to find an affordable auto insurance plan that is going to be able to provide the type of coverage that is needed. Let’s take a glance at a few tips that should be kept in mind when trying to save money now and in the future with auto insurance rates.

Compare and Contrast

It all begins and ends with research. Those who are willing to spend time on the Internet and go around asking for annual rates will see themselves signing wonderful deals.

It is all about asking around and making sure the best rates are on offer. If a company is offering a good rate, ask other companies to at least match and better the options that are being offered.

The amount of leeway that is out there when it comes to finding the right rates is vast and should be exploited by those who want something affordable and worth their time.

Good Credit

One of the biggest advantages to have on side is a great credit report. This is a wonderful incentive to place in front of the insurance agencies that are out there. They will lap up the idea of going with a client that has a great credit report in hand.

They want to give auto insurance to someone who will make their payments and is known for being reliable. This is essential and a benefit that should be kept as a trick up one’s sleeve when negotiating with auto insurance companies and searching for that picture-perfect deal.


The insurance market is competitive and this is a great thing for prospective drivers that want to find an affordable coverage plan as soon as possible.

Discounts are often on offer by those insurance agencies for drivers that are safe on the road and are ready to work a plan out. Sit down with the insurance agent and work out a coverage plan that is great in the short and long- term.

There is nothing better than being able to use that discount that is being offered and maximize the coverage plan that is being signed.

The best auto insurance rates are always out there, but it requires a certain level of patience from the individual that is going to be signing the agreement. The eagerness to get out on the road and start driving can get the best of most people. This is where it is essential to remain calm and wait for the best deal out there and not force the issue. Those who end up forcing things will regret the auto insurance coverage they end up signing. There are great deals out there, it is all about waiting it out and signing the best package.

Other ways to excite your partner

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This may come a somewhat of a shock to many people who have heard of the legendary Spanish Fly, but the crushed up powder that they are using to get the ladies in the mood is not even vaguely part of a fly – it’s actually the body of a beetle.

The beetle is call a blister beetle – and for very good reason. Contact with the beetle’s carapace (the exterior) can cause swelling or even blisters to form on the skin. Not a pleasant experience.

However – since the Middle Ages the blister beetle has been used for it’s supposed aphrodisiac properties. Taken in tea or simply swallowed it does have an effect on erectile function. Yup – it gets you hard.

The downside is as follows: abdominal pain, renal failure, bloody urine, convulsions, coma, respiratory and heart problems, and eventual shuffling off this mortal coil – death.

Seriously – this is not a beetle that you want to mess around with. It’s called a blister beetle because predators want nothing to do with it.

There are so many other ways to excite your partner including a good meal and a bunch of flowers – hopefully with no insect ingredients.

Blister Beetles have no enemies for a reason – they’re toxic. And by the way the product that you’re buying probably doesn’t have nay of the active ingredient that you’re looking for. Most are just telling you that they do – the beetles are expensive to harvest.

And for those who want to get the lady in the mood – it doesn’t work on women. So question is, would you still want to buy Spanish Fly?

Rather pay the same for a great restaurant meal and brush up on your conversational skills – you’ll be a better date and everyone will be happier for the experience.

Look Great With Elephant Therapy and Skin Care


Elephant therapy and skin care is an interesting way of getting your skin to look vibrant, smooth and blemish free. Elephant assisted therapy is something that was popularized in China, but it is now done in many other parts of the world as well.

If you are looking for a way to stay young and to keep your skin protected, then this is an interesting option. Myogenic elephant skin cream has been found to have regenerativ properties so powerful that it can even help with wounds and things like bedsores – it may not seem like the most glamorous of treatments, certainly not when compared to things like shea butter or high tech creams, but it is a powerful and useful option, and one that is well worth looking at.

The cream helps to promote circulation and skin regeneration. It is not something that you will see marketed in the average high street store – after all, the slogans involving “skin like an elephant” would hardly seem appealing – but the fact is that it really can be a valuable treatment.

Once you have your skin looking the way that you want it to, though, you will need to use sunscreen to protect it when you’re outside, moisturize as normal, and try to avoid chafing and rubbing issues – because that’s where things can start to go wrong and your skin can get damaged again. Remember that your skin is like armour for your organs – it’s what protects you and keeps you healthy – and you need to look after yourself if you want to keep yourself looking and feeling young and youthful for the rest of your life. You only get one body, so treasure it like it deserves and enjoy life too.